Murder, Mexican and Mirth

So it’s my thing to gift excursions for birthdays and Christmases. This past year’s Christmas gift was a fun date night out with my husband and parents to a murder mystery dinner!

Totally 80’s, Totally Murder

The venue was Rosa Mexicana in Atlantic Station, a stylish urban mixed-use community in Atlanta, GA. The shenanigans were on even before the night of the show as we got an email preparing us and warning us that if we didn’t dress up we might be in trouble. So, naturally a trip to Goodwill was in order to search for totally bodacious outfits. As you can see from the pictures, I think we did a pretty good job! And it was kind of funny walking around Atlantic Station on a typical Sunday. People were looking at us curiously like they were wondering if we actually dressed like that or not, especially since the event wasn’t very advertised. We joked that it may have been legitimately confusing as some of the 80’s style had somewhat come back around.  Hello shoulder pads, denim jackets, and spandex!

Once we arrived at Rosa Mexicana we were greeted by a girl who was bedazzled in a silver dress and bright blue, pink, and yellow pumps. She was laying on the New York accent thick. Right away we were handed our first clue from the not so subtle doctor who asked us if we needed any drugs. If you’ve ever been to a dinner theater you may be expecting that we took our seats, watched a show, and then tried to solve the crime. Murder Mystery Company in Atlanta does things a little differently though, and there are places you can find wherever you are that do it similarly. We were organized in teams by table and one lucky guest (depending on how you see it) was picked out to play a character in the show. My husband (who would say unluckily) was chosen to play a former rock n’ roll band member with a wig that was reminiscent of Slash. My husband is very outgoing and most people would never guess that something like this is his worst nightmare, but he was not happy about his “luck.” I told him to take a chill pill (I know, I know). He hides it well though. I mean, does this look like a guy who is nervous about playing his role?

The show proceeds with the cast putting on brief skits that offer clues (so take notes), and then the audience gets two separate breaks to go around the room and question all of the suspects. For this particular show, we had fake money to bribe them with, but that isn’t always the case. Dinner and dessert are also served at some point, but don’t worry, it won’t get in the way of solving the crime!  At the end of the evening all teams are invited to write down who committed the crime and what their motive was, mainly for bragging rights. We…..did not guess right. My excuse (and something I did not like about the event): you were only given about 3 minutes to come up with your answer!  Maybe I’m a little slow, but I needed more time to sort through my notes and put things together.

It was okay though! We all agreed we had a righteous evening and even though we didn’t win the detective award, there was another award bestowed upon us. Best. Dressed. That’s right. To be fair, there wasn’t a lot of competition aside from the occasional high ponytail, off the shoulder shirt, or gold medallion, but I was still proud. If only for the fact that we went all in, and for me, that just makes excursions that much more entertaining! 

We may have looked silly walking around Atlantic Station, and we were definitely the only people who dressed the part as much as we did, but I walked away thinking that I always want to be the person who dresses up. What about you?