To Catch a Hummingbird

I LOVE botanical gardens! If you are looking for a relaxing day surrounding yourself with nature and maybe even learning a thing or two, then a visit to the botanical gardens may be the thing for you. My husband accompanied me this most recent trip, but I think it’s also a wonderful thing to do by yourself. There’s enough to keep you occupied that you don’t have to feel weird or awkward going by yourself and it’s even better if you are looking for some time for peace and reflection (not that I didn’t have that going with you honey ; ). We took the leap and signed up to be members to Atlanta Botanical Gardens this past year. Just a few visits, and your tickets are more than paid for and you get to bring a guest for free one time! Plus, you get the added benefits only provided to members, which can make you feel kinda special (which we all know we want every now and then)! But even if you don’t become a member it’s still a great day trip/excursion. I mean, who doesn’t feel a little happy looking at beautiful flowers! And as you can see, if you like to take photographs there are plenty of opportunities to practice your craft. With flowers…….


And with opportunities to try and get some ….self portraits???


Some of the other perks of being a member (in Atlanta anyway), are access and/or discounts to several events such as Concerts in the Garden and Cocktails in the Garden (both of which are pretty much what they sound like), and exhibition previews. You are also invited to some member evenings in the garden, which is what we went to this time. Those nights often include chef demos, children’s activities, and an artists market. There was also a drink stand selling wine and beer THE SECOND we walked in the door, which neither of us were going to complain about! A little added touch was a free King of Pops popsicle (which you must try if you haven’t).


Overall, I’d say we both had a great time at our several visits over the year and at the member evening we attended. My husband particularly enjoys the city views you catch glimpses of as you are walking through the gardens. We may even go to the Garden Lights display they put on over the holidays to get in the mood for the season and enjoy the botanical gardens at night! I will just add that Atlanta Botanical Gardens also won’t let you leave without dropping a bit of wisdom……


And here’s mine: On our way out a hummingbird graciously flew around a flower plant in front of us for several minutes. Numerous people gathered around to marvel at it’s beauty and exquisite design. I, on the other hand, was trying to get the perfect picture of it and sort of missed just experiencing it for myself! Now, that may just be my amateur photographer status (the likely explanation), but it at least got me thinking that it is important sometimes to let yourself be in the moment and enjoy the experience you are having rather than trying to get the perfect picture. And the picture I got wasn’t really that great to boot but here you go to satisfy your curiosity……

Does that inspire you? Or what is your favorite quote? I’d love to hear it in the comments below!!

And here is a handy dandy link that will help you search for gardens anywhere in the world!