Low Tide Brewing

Whether you enjoy an occasional brewski or consider yourself a beer connoisseur, a visit to a brewery is almost always a good time!  This time it was to Low Tide Brewing in Johns Island, SC, a less than a 30 minute drive from downtown Charleston. You can get a beer flight if you want to sample a few of their recipes or if you know what you like you have the option of ordering a pint. One plus to this brewery in particular is that they have a variety of different types of beers. I’ve been to too many who specialize in one thing or another, so if you are like me and don’t appreciate sours you might find yourself drinkless at a brewery (which should never be a thing).

Protip: Breweries don’t always advertise that they do beer flights, so ask them about this if you want to sample as many as you can without getting wasted because you’ve had a pint of every one of them.

The setting was cute, with plenty of parking and a nice long bar so you aren’t generally trying to squeeze yourself in between people just to try and order a drink. If you love it, they even have some nice swag you can go home with (including a sweatshirt that was insanely comfortable the night I bought it, thought that might have just been the booze).

An added bonus: Look at their event page to see what might be going on that day. They often offer food trucks and beer yoga, and there are specific events based on what time of year it is. There is an Octoberfest listed right now, and when we went they had a pretty nice St. Patty’s day party going on!

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