Cars, Coffee, and Cameras

A car show is a great excursion for individuals, couples, and families! If you’re a car junkie…..heaven. Or perhaps at least a very exciting day. You can always tell the people who are really into cars, not just by their silly grins, but also the elaborate cameras and weird bodily contortions they get into trying to get the perfect photos. Even if you’re not THAT into cars, it still makes for a very pleasant outing. And maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about cars when you’re there so when someone says “Wow that’s a really nice Buick Skylark convertible” you won’t just have to nod your head and smile.

This outing was to a mall parking lot that is absolutely packed with cars. Caffeine and Octane has a show the first Sunday of every month on the northside of Atlanta in Dunwoody. The Atlanta and Miami shows trade back and forth every year and are the largest in the United States. It’s FREE (need I say more), and there are all types of cars from classics to Lambos. Even in the more unofficial sections of the parking lot there is plenty to see and it is often organized by make and/or model. See VW exhibit 1:

People even drive from other states to come to this event, and you may even catch a firetruck or a tank while you’re at it! Oftentimes there are also snacks available such as coffee, donuts, and sandwiches, and maybe even a pet adoption, so if you just want to please the car lover in your life you might have some things there to interest you as well ; )

Pro Tip: If you are the proud owner of a classic or bad ass car and you want to show it, I hope you are also a morning person. People start lining up to get in at 6:30am (or so we were told – we are not morning people). But here are a few of the cars we saw, likely owned by early risers:

Overall, a good time was had by all and we agreed we would attend this event again in the future. I’ll just dress more warmly next time as it is a little chilly that early in the morning. My dad even came with us (taking numerous pictures of his own), and felt it was “a very organized event with numerous car clubs, classic cars, sports cars, and trucks; both tuned exhaust and tuned carburetor aplenty.” I’ll be honest, I’m not quite sure what that latter part means……I guess I need to go to more car shows to figure it out!!  Thanks for reading! I’ll share a few more pics and I’d love to hear your favorite car or car show in the comments below!

And if you’ve hung in here this long, first of all, congratulation and thanks….here’s your bonus:

The inside of one of the last Packard cars to come off the assembly! I’m no car expert (clearly), but I thought it was pretty cool! Don’t forget to let me know your favorite cars and car shows below!

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