Be Like Fritz

(Sidenote: image in post is my dog Kona b/c this post involves a dog and I will take any chance I can get to share her picture.)

Step #1: Watch the dog video below.  The video is 2 minutes, so you can watch the beginning and end if you’d like.

This video just gives me the giggles! I can’t help but smile every time a piece of food just doesn’t quite make it to his mouth. The laughter in and of itself is healing, but I came away with a little something more.

That sweet boy just keeps trying and trying no matter how many times a sausage pegs him in the face! He doesn’t give up. Now granted he is food motivated, I get that, but STILL! It just got me thinking about perseverance. He just kept trying and he finally caught a taco!!

So, when it feels like life is slugging meatballs, hot dogs, and huge slabs of steak right in your face and you just can’t seem to catch anything….

Step 2: Be Like Fritz

Or, just be like Kona and pretend you are Superman

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  1. Joe October 18, 2017