Beer Festivals are Awesome. That is all.

If you have never been to a beer festival before, what have you been doing with your life?

Just a little food for thought. For real though, I have been to many a beer fest (like…a lot), and I can say with confidence that neither I nor anybody in my group has ever had a bad time at a beer fest.

Disclaimer: If you are an amateur drinker or don’t know how to pace yourself, the last sentence may not apply to you and you might end up peeing on the side of the Charleston visitor center like the girl who “won” the bet on the Brews Cruise.

I say this, because typically a beer fest is about $35-$70 per ticket but you will get all you can drink for an average of 5 hours. I mean, you gotta get your moneys worth am I right?

In all honesty though, it’s not JUST about the drinking. There is often music like there was at the most recent festival we attended (Decatur Craft Beer Festival):

And there’s a good chance you will meet some interesting people to chat it up with for the day, or even meet new friends who will get in a stranger’s car (yours) and drive 40 miles to your house just to keep the party going (not that I’m advocating making those decisions.)

By the way, those are not said people, but don’t they look fun and don’t you love their hats?

There are typically tons of beers you might already love, or ones you haven’t had and would like to try. That’s another advantage of a beer fest. You can keep going back to the same trough or you can wander around to all of the different tents and try a sampling of several. Generally, the glass only holds a few ounces so you aren’t getting much at a time, but at the Decatur Craft Beer Fest there were over 100 beers for you to try. Here’s a sampling of what was at this festival. Just know that there are often beers from other places so don’t assume you might be limited to beers from your geographical circle.

There might even be some yummy Bourbon Barrel ones (be careful, those sometimes go fast). Or some from a new brewery started by a lady who chose brewing Belgian-style beers over starting a goat farm in the wilderness somewhere. Kathy Davis, those of us here near Atlanta thank you for your decision.


All in all, a daytime excursion to a beer festival comes highly recommended from us over here. Can I get a shout out for day drinking?? Just pace yourself, try some new beers so you know what to buy next time you take an excursion to the liquor store, meet some people, and enjoy the day!

I’m also going to give a shout out to my hood where this particular beerfest takes place. Is it bad that after the festival is over there are several bars in the square you can visit? Or if you’ve had enough to drink and really gotten your moneys worth, there are several amazing places to eat. Visit Decatur, it’s adorable.

If you are wondering how you find such an amazing day excursion, look here for some in America:

Or try here for all over the world:

One of the best we went to was actually in Budapest Hungary.

What have been your favorite beer festivals??  I’d love to hear in the comments below!!