We are the A!!!! From way down south!!!!

Soccer has been a sport I knew was popular around the world, but I never really got that into. I grew up in Chicago going to Blackhawks games (their NHL team), and was a hockey girl all the way. Frequently told soccer was fairly similar and fast paced, I still wasn’t sure it was going to be my thing. Here’s me eating my words.

My husband bought season tickets as soon as it was announced that a new MLS team was coming to Atlanta. I was still skeptical as Atlanta has lost quite a few hockey teams, none of which did exceptionally well. I figured I would have a good time though, because hey, a true excursionologist loves to try anything new right?. Little did I know that I would become a raving fan and get hooked from day one. Here’s us at our first game at Bobby Dodd Stadium (where GA Tech’s football team plays, and where Atlanta United started since the new stadium wasn’t quite ready yet).

We were so excited when the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium was finally ready. It’s really as nice as we hoped it would be. When the weather is nice, they open the retractable roof, and there are plenty of bars all around the stadium (one of which often stays open after after the games).

My husband splurged a teeny bit getting us club seats which means you can enter the Delta Sky Club where there is field access to the game. That’s right, I said field access!! I wondered if it was worth it…..until the first game there. Basically we went to our seats, looked at each other and expressed “why would we want to sit up there when we can be right here?” You feel like you can almost reach out and touch the players, and there is even a little ledge to hold your beer and food!!

I also appreciated being able to get so close to my favorite player, Hector, “Tito” Villalba. I only stared like once or twice (shut it Jason).

Now don’t get me wrong, anywhere in the stadium is guaranteed to be a great time as it’s the atmosphere of really passionate fans that make the experience superb. And the rest of the stadium is packed full of awesome bars and good food at reasonable prices.

I will say though, if you get a chance to do Club Level seats I highly recommend trying it at least once. Outside of what I’ve already mentioned, there are private bathrooms and food vendors in the Sky Club – need I say more?! If you want to appreciate the game from the field just know you will need to stand the whole time (although that’s another reason we stay down there: people tend to stand in the seats sometimes anyway), and if you want to be in the front by the ledge you have to get there pretty early. That’s right, not only did I become a fan but I went so hardcore that we consistently got to games 2 hours before time so we could secure a spot. It’s really not that bad though, you get to watch them warm up while you wait and then a closer view at the end of the game when some players take their shirts off, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

This lady clearly appreciates it anyway…….

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