Bets on the brews cruise

Charleston, SC is a great place to go for a long weekend excursion or even a bigger vacation as there is quite a bit to see and do there. This trip was a long weekend for us so naturally we wanted to squeeze in as much as possible, and for us that often means a visit to some breweries. There are quite a few in Charleston and the surrounding areas, so we figured what better way to visit several during a short stay other than a brews cruise!  The Charleston Brews Cruise ended up being a perfect choice and we would definitely recommend it.

We did the Day Drinking Bus Tour, and we’ve already had a conversation here about how awesome day drinking is. It is $65 per person, which may sound a little hefty, but stay with me… get to visit 3 different breweries, you get “5-6 generous pours” at each location, you have a built-in DD, and you get to have fun meeting new people on the bus! I’d say that’s getting your money’s worth.

Our tour went to Westbrook…


And Holy City….

Now you may be wondering about the title. Or you have forgotten all about what this post was called and are just thinking about beer. Either way, I’m going to fill you in. Right away we connected with another couple on our bus, especially after we realized it was just us 4 along with about 10 other females doing this excursion for a bachelorette party. After we cracked a few jokes about how this trip might go, we all placed bets on who would get the sloppiest. Don’t judge us. I like to think we just know how to have a good time and don’t take life too seriously.

They were actually a really fun group of girls (who thought the bet was funny and kept asking if we bet on them). If you’re curious, the “winner” turned out to be the dark horse who ended up peeing on the side of a building after the tour ended. No one had picked her, but of course it was a free bet so no one really lost. Except for maybe her the next day.

What are your favorite brewery tours? Let us know in the comments below!