Excursionologist will at some point develop a separate program with all that we have learned about blogging, especially related to travel. In the meantime, it might be helpful for you to know how we got started in the first place!

After scouring countless programs and offers, I finally signed up for the 30 day fast track to blogging program through It’s a Lovely Life and it has been Ah-mazing to say the least. Believe me, I have looked at A LOT and gone through countless free programs. This is the best I’ve found out there, especially for the price. They give TONS of information and even have facebook groups that offer more support than ANY of the groups I’ve ever been a part of (and there have been a lot let me tell you). You can find out more about their program and/or sign-up here:


I am an affiliate so if you sign up with my link I will get a small commission. But I would be very grateful and you could think of it as a way of saying thanks for all of the free content!